• Certified Personal Trainer — National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Barre & Group Fitness Instructor—Balanced Body Pilates

  • Lifestyle & Whole Food Nutrition Coach—Juice Plus.


About Hally

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My Fitness Journey

I’ve been an athlete my whole life: I played soccer growing up, swam at the National level in college and ran track during the off-season. I also danced in my school’s repertory dance group in college.

After college I wasn't working out every day with a team and I started gaining weight and feeling ashamed of my body. So I stopped eating. I lost a bunch of weight, thought I looked great and people told me I was beautiful.

I thought that my looks determined my worth. What a lie!

My eating disorder was never officially diagnosed, but if I'm honest with myself, that's exactly what it was. After about a year of barely eating, I was walking to a friends house and the thought crossed my mind, "I can't keep doing this."

Recovery was a process! But I started eating again and teaching myself to workout on my own, without a team telling me when and where and how. 

I learned that moving can be fun! The treadmill at the gym is NOT the only option. And I learned that consciously being grateful for the way my body moves is the best motivation to get moving consistently.

I call it moving for joy because I've learned that joy truly is our strength. 

In 2015 I started teaching small workout classes to my fellow teachers in my classroom after our students left for the day. Teachers started telling me that looking forward to working out with me got them through their most challenging days with students. I loved working with those women SO much that I got certified as a Barre instructor, group fitness instructor and personal trainer that year and have been training, coaching & teaching ever since.

My journey lead me here, to founding Playful Fitness. It has given me the tools to be a guide and a resource to help other people on their own journeys to finding worth that is far deeper looks, to finding joy in moving, to finding full health and solid confidence.

Hi! I'm Hally, owner of Playful Fitness! 

I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my husband, Adam, and our dog, Dell. I currently teach high school algebra part time (because I'm a closet math nerd), run a private tutoring company, coach clients like you and spend time with the awesome group of people I get the privilege of calling friends and family.

I love to laugh! I can be shy! Joyful is my MO!


I love what I do because it’s about helping you discover your own potential and bringing back your own YAY!