About Playful Fitness

Remember that feeling of absolute, giddy excitement you used to feel in elementary school when your teacher said, "it's time for recess!"...

As kids we move our bodies just BECAUSE IT'S FUN! But somehow, as adults we often lose that "YAY" factor when it comes to running, jumping, climbing, skipping, hopping, lifting etc... Life gets full and our workouts become just another thing to do on a seemingly endless checklist. SO... many people stop moving. And, as a result we'll gain weight, loose self confidence and start hating our bodies. We'll try all sorts of fad diets and endless workout programs-all quick fix solutions-that don't actually work or last and so we end up feeling stuck and hopeless.

If that sounds like you, Playful Fitness can help you get unstuck. Our plans and programs help you put the YAY back into moving your body! Our clients loose weight, gain self confidence, start loving their bodies again and, most importantly, WE HAVE FUN doing it together-like it's recess time again!

Playful Fitness 1-on-1 coaching plans, programs & workouts help you to feel confident in your own skin and to love your body without having to give up everything you enjoy to get there. In fact, we use JOY to help get you to your goals!



Fitness should be FUN!

  • Our bodies were designed to move!

  • We were created to live with joy!

  • Everything we need for a healthy life is already available for us!

You're worth it! Let's do this together!



Giving Back

At Playful Fitness, we believe that joy is greater when it's shared.

That's why 10% of every dollar you spend through Playful Fitness goes to programs that help victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking recover & heal mentally, physically and emotionally. We don't just give 10% of our profits, we give 10% of EVERY dollar because we believe in making a difference!

When you allow Playful Fitness to help you reach your goals, you also give someone else the opportunity to rediscover their own beauty, worth freedom & health as well. It's good for you, good for others!


Get Started Today


Schedule a FREE assessment & goals setting session with us.


Allow us to create a customized plan that will help you get unstuck, work with your life and help you to reach your goals


Let's execute that plan together


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Our clients are people who...

  • ...want life long functional fitness and wellness.

  • ...have full lives-jobs, kids, families, communities-who need simple, manageable and custom tailored fitness plans to fit your life, time constraints and needs.

  • ...are either bored to tears by and/or afraid of traditional fitness plans.

  • ...feel like you've tried everything before but nothing has worked and you just feel stuck.

  • ...want to achieve your goals without giving up everything you love to get there.

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What does Playful Fitness Offer?

  • Personal training & wellness coaching: 1-on-1, pairs and groups

  • Online workout videos that help you move for joy anywhere with any amount of time

  • Weekly blog posts to encourage & inspire you

  • Group Classes in Colorado Springs

  • Easy to make recipes

  • Workshops & trainings for groups