Alive. Confident. Free.

Online health, fitness, and lifestyle coaching for busy, Jesus loving women who are ready to break the dieting cycle and create a body they love while still enjoying life!


12-Week Group Training Program


Are you ready to take control of your health and fitness for good, start loving your body & bring back your YAY?

We do not believe in crash diets or quick fixes. In Alive. Confident. Free., you will learn how to properly fuel your body, how to most efficiently train for your goals, and how to achieve sustainable results.

You'll be supported by a community and by Hally every step of the way and the results you get will last LONG past the end of the program-for life! 


What You Get In 12-Weeks

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Fitness That's FUN

Hally will coach you through a 12-week workout plan that will be adjusted to meet you where you are at. End the program feeling strong and confident in the way your body looks & feels. 

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Break The Diet Cycle!

Learn how to fuel YOUR body for optional health & energy without counting calories, without strict diets and while still getting to enjoy the foods you love. It's called FOOD FREEDOM and it's possible!

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Develop Unshakable Confidece & Deeply Rooted Joy!

This program includes a 21 day intensive on worth, value & identity. Learn who you are, what makes you special and develop the kind of confidence that no one can take away and that you can never lose! 

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Build Habits That Last

This program will empower you to continue your journey for your whole long life! The habits you develop will allow you to create SUSTAINABLE RESULTS for your whole life! Know how to stay on track and never get derailed again!


What Others Are Saying

"I am so thankful for Hally and Playful Fitness.  Hally truly puts the joy in exercise!  She is always encouraging and her classes are always different and upbeat.  One of my favorite things about Hally's coaching is she really tailors her plan to your personal needs and will work directly with you to find what works for you.  She understands that we are all unique individuals and doesn't just throw a one size fits all diet/exercise plan at you. I love working with her and she has made my workouts something to look forward to."
-Kathy L.
"I can't say enough positive things about Hally! She is so encouraging and joyful! I feel that she is extremely knowledgeable about health, exercise and nutrition. Her personalized plans are very thorough and easy to follow. I have learned so much from her and will continue not only a professional relationship with Hally but also a personal one. Her daily motivation is contagious!!! Thank you Hally!!!"
-Dawn A. 
"Hally is incredible to work with! She's so energetic and excited to help you figure out how to achieve your goals and also really easy to open up to and work with.  I highly recommend!"
-Sara E. 

Get ready to...

- Wear whatever you want & feel amazing 

- Eat whole foods your body will thank you for

- Get personalized, live coaching & a community of women who WANT to see you succeed

- Feel confident that you can nail your fitness goals month after month

- Develop unshakable self-confidence & deeply rooted joy

<--& feel like this. 


Are you ready to be


fully ALIVE


unshakabely CONFIDENT &


totally FREE?

I have to say, this program is a life-time in the making. It's my own life story combined with proven science, my personal training knowledge & my life with God. IT WORKS! 

Join us and see for yourself! I can't wait to spend 12-weeks with you and see the incredible change that's in store!




Did you know?

10% of all proceeds go straight to Mary's Home-a a local, Colorado Springs Non-Profit & one of a select few programs in the nation with a long-term program that empowers women & children who have been victims of domestic violence or homeless to heal, recover & transition to healthy independence.

So when you choose to let Playful Fitness help you reach your goals, you are giving someone else the opportunity to rediscover their own health, beauty & freedom as well. Good for you, good for others!