Welcome to Joyfully Fit!



I am so happy you decided to join us as part of the Joyfully Fit inner circle! This is so much more than a workout program. This is your handbook for living an consistently healthy life with deeply rooted confidence & unshakable joy! It’s a guide back to bringing back your yay!

You have just joined a one of a kind community that is judgement-free & full of love. You are safe here to pursue your goals, to share your heart, to try & fail and to try & win! We will support you, laugh with you, celebrate you & encourage you every step of the way! WELCOME!!!

I am so excited to start getting to know you in our community group so please share your journey in Joyfully Fit! I hope you all have the best month!




An Important Note

Make sure you check out all the tabs at the top of this page for your meal guide, journaling prompts, workouts & more. Please read all the info and welcome messages each month to stay on top of everything. Remember to join the closed Facebook page and live calls to get connected to your tribe. We are here to help so reach out if you need anything at all!

With all the demands of life, we forget how important self-care is. In order to make all of the tools here work for you, you must start understanding that you are worth it. Yup! You are worth it because you were born. You need to take care of YOU and LOVE you first, in order to give your very best and love others the way they deserve. You are a role model for your family, children, and friends so you must make time to treat yourself with love and take care of you. It is NOT selfish… Self care creates energy to give more, do more, be more and become the happiest, most vibrant version of you! Being tired, sad and unhappy is not serving you or your family. So take the time to care for you!

Remember not to shame your self if you miss a day! YOU HAVE NOT FAILED! Just notice how you feel and start again the next day!

Working out, showing up, self-love, journaling, reading, growing, sharing your highs and lows, positive self-talk, engaging with the community of supportive, loving people and being accountable to something are all ways to ensure you are growing and elevating your life. These habits won’t happen overnight, but even just 2 degree shifts, done over time, will land you on a different continent from where you are today. The journey is always in process. The goal is to learn to fall in love with the rituals that make you happy, healthy & full of joy.

The journey is not always easy, but it will be easier than being unhappy, depressed and unhealthy. We need you, and we need your light… You are so beautiful and this journey is perfectly imperfect! I can’t wait to take it with you! So many incredible things are waiting to unfold for you.

Much love to you beauty!



Tips to get the MOST from Joyfully Fit

  • Make sure you use the private Joyfully Fit Facebook page as well as the various tools available on the website, recipes, & coaching calls. The calls will truly help you reset the way you think and remind you of what we should be focusing on in order to make the changes you want.

  • If you have questions, are struggling with meal prepping or just want something that can help you step up your game, keep you satisfied, help kick cravings and give you energy, post in the Facebook group and I'll answer there.

  • If you're needing help with nutrition, contact me about getting started with Juice Plus.

P.S. – Just a reminder to share your Joyfully Fit experiences on Instagram using the hashtag #PlayfulFitnessTribe, #JoyfullyFit and #BringingBackYay. Also, tag me @playfulfitness for a chance to be featured! Not only is it a great way for your fellow Joyfully Fit girlfriends to find, follow & encourage you on Instagram, it’s also a great way for others to see what you’re experiencing as well.


New Members

Please add yourself ASAP to our closed Facebook page created just for Joyfully Fit Members! This is where we talk every day and you stay on top of all that is going on with calls and updates. Go to Hally Paulson's Joyfully Fit Facebook Group to get connected now! Here is the link: Joyfully Fit Facebook Group

Also, make sure to take your pictures and your weight BEFORE you start the program! For our FOUNDING MEMBERS, picture & weight instructions are in your 12-Week Workout Plan bonus. SO check your email to get the directions and let me know if you don't have that. Your photos and weight are SUPER important to help you track your journey and celebrate your progress (both the big and the small wins!) SO do that NOW before you start your program.