Hally's Favorite Playlists

Make your workout more fun with music. Move to the beat. Get totally lost in the lyrics and remember you can always trade any cardio interval for a mini-dance party. Choose from our favorite playlists below or make your own. Move for joy and have fun!

We use Spotify. Create an account to listen for free on shuffle or purchse a subscription to listen in the order you choose. We think it's totally worth it!


These playlists are best on shuffle mode. 

Fun Workout Mix

Up-beat songs with clean lyrics to help you get moving for joy. Great for any workout session from cardio to core to weights.


Chill Stretching Playlist

This playlist is perfect for a relaxing stretching session or recovery move for joy session. Breathe, listen, move and unwind. 

Dance Party Mix

This playlist is ideal for a family dance party or for any workout where you just need some beats to help you get moving. Let go and have fun while you move!

Joyful Gospel

One of our favorite things to do at Playful Fitness is to get lost in the goodness of God while we move. This playlist contains our favorite, up-beat gospel songs to get you moving and rejoicing! No matter where you are in your belief, this playlist will help lift your spirit while you move your body!