The TRUE Beauty of Being Fit

A beautifully fit body does not necessarily mean having rock hard abs or the perfect butt. The real beauty of being fit is your body to be able to do what it was created to do—to move!

Your body is designed to be able to run, leap, duck, pick up your kid, toss them in the air, carry your groceries easily from the car to the house, hike, climb and play. When you’re fit, you’re able to use your body for what it was created to do and, in turn, you are able to enjoy life to the fullest!

Increasing your fitness level doesn’t have to be hard either. So often, new clients tell me that they think the only way to really be fit is to suffer through frequent, super intense workouts. That does result in increased fitness, and it absolutely works for some personality types! But if you’re normal like me, 100 pull-ups in an 30-minutes does not make me want to jump for joy (or get up off the couch for that matter). A mountain bike ride with my friend or a living room dance party, on the other hand, will get me moving. Cross-Fit type workouts are awesome, but they are NOT the only option. YOU CAN PLAY YOUR WAY FIT!

Start by picking something you love to do that gets your body moving and go do it! Do it often! Move every day and celebrate your body for what it was created to do. Let go of the temptation to compare your body to the fitness models on the magazine cover and start working towards the real beauty of being fit. You don’t need six-pack abs to enjoy the “beauty of being fit.” You just need to be able to do all the things you love!

Mountain Bike Edit.jpeg

The true beauty of a fit body is the ability to enjoy life fully! So get moving and enjoy what you’ve got!

Challenge for the week: Get moving for at least 30 minutes three times before next Monday. Choose activities you enjoy! At the end of the week you will likely have increased energy, increased appetite and decreased stress/anxiety. Just try it! Leave a comment and tell me how it goes!



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