Chocolate Blueberry Delight

This actually might be my favorite dessert! It takes under 5 minutes to make and thoroughly satisfies my sweet tooth, chocolate craving and ice cream itch all at the same time. If you've ever had Dibbs (those little chocolate covered ice cream bites... this reminds me of that but is far better for your body.) This recipe makes one serving, but it's easy to double or triple to make more. 


Blueberry chocolate delight.JPG


  • Put a handful of chocolate chips in a small saucepan
  • Add a splash of coconut milk
  • Use a little more milk for a saucier chocolate sauce
  • Use a little less for a thicker version
  • Turn on medium or low heat & stir continuously until chocolate has melted and milk is mixed in
  • Put a handful (or more) of frozen blueberries in a little bowl
  • Pour the chocolate sauce over the top
  • Get a spoon and enjoy
  • I highly recommend licking the bowl at the end

Try the same recipe with whatever fruit is in season. In the late summer I sometimes switch to peaches and that's wonderful too!

peaches and chocolate.jpg

Goodies In this Recipe

Dark Chocolate-One gram of dark chocolate (dark chocolate is 70-90% cacao) contains 11 grams of fiber. Dark chocolate also contains vital minerals including iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Iron and folate are super important to women's health so ladies, eat up! Dark chocolate is also a powerful antioxidant. And, it's CHOCOLATE!

Blueberries-Blueberries are champs at warding off heart disease because the fiber they contain helps lower cholesterol.  They are also nutrient dense and contain potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and contain added antioxidants.

This dessert tastes delightfully sweet but only contains 4-6 grams of sugar and 80-90 calories. You're eating dessert but you can feel good about it because it's basically a vitamin. :)