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"I can't say enough positive things about Hally! She is so encouraging and joyful! I feel that she is extremely knowledgeable about health, exercise and nutrition. Her personalized plans are very thorough and easy to follow. I have learned so much from her and will continue not only a professional relationship with Hally but also a personal one. Her daily motivation is contagious!!! Thank you Hally!!!"

-Dawn A.

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"Hally is incredible to work with! She's so energetic and excited to help you figure out how to achieve your goals and also really easy to open up to and work with.  I highly recommend!"

-Sarah E.

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"I am so thankful for Hally and Playful Fitness.  Hally truly puts the joy in exercise!  She is always encouraging and her classes are always different and upbeat.  One of my favorite things about Hally's coaching is she really tailors her plan to your personal needs and will work directly with you to find what works for you.  She understands that we are all unique individuals and doesn't just throw a one size fits all diet/exercise plan at you. I love working with her and she has made my workouts something to look forward to."

-Kathy L.


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