24-Minute Quick and Efficient Foundational Workout for Weight Loss


This Move-For-Joy session is designed to increase your daily calorie burn by helping you develop strong and lean muscles while getting some cardio burn from a circuit style workout. You’ll burn a bunch of calories in this efficient 24 minutes of Moving for Joy and then your body will continue to burn calories for 8-12 hours after. Keep track of your weights so you can see your strength improve the more you do this workout.


Printable Workout

Warm-Up-2x through

  • 10 Bird-dogs

  • 10 Single leg overhead press (light or no weights), each side

  • 10 squats, option to do squat jump on round 2.

Structure-4 exercises, 12 reps, 2 times through the set of 4. No time limit. Move with control.

Main Move For Joy Session

  • Reverse lunge to single arm row

  • Push-up with rotation

  • Chair tap squat with strap

  • Reverse lunge to calf raise

Equipment You'll Need

(Click Here to see my equipment recommendation & get your own)

  • Knee Strap

  • Chair

  • Foam roller or ball

  • Set of dumbbells (light & medium/heavy)


Make it Playful With Music

Make your Move-For-Joy session more fun with music. Links to a few of my favorite playlists are below. Use mine or create your own.


Move For Joy Suggestions

  • Remember, you can switch out any cardio/HIIT interval for a dance party--your body can burn up to 300 calories/hour dancing--so if burpees aren't your thing, bust a move.

  • Make this Move-For-Joy session your own by speeding up or slowing down your pace to the beat of the music. Varying your speed of abs or lunges or whatever move makes it more fun and the variety keeps it interesting. 

  • Do your own favorite move. If something I'm doing in the video doesn't work for your body, do something else. As long as you are moving you are doing your body good!


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