6-Minute Abs for Runners

This Move-For-Joy session is designed to give you some quick, extra toning after a run. It can also be done before a run as a warm-up and is great as just a stand-alone core session. Put on some fun music and finish your run strong by building a solid core.  


Printable Workout

  • 10 Push-ups
  • 30-second plank
  • 10 Tricep push-ups
  • 20 Bicycle crunches 
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 1/2 Press get-ups, 10/side
  • 10 Tricep push-ups
  • One leg bridges (10/side)

Equipment You'll Need

None. Optional exercise mat. 


Make it Playful With Music

Make your Move-For-Joy session more fun with music. Links to a few of my favorite playlists are below. Use mine or create your own.


Move For Joy Suggestions

  • Remember, you can switch out any cardio/HIIT interval for a dance party--your body can burn up to 300 calories/hour dancing--so if burpees aren't your thing, bust a move.

  • Make this Move-For-Joy session your own by speeding up or slowing down your pace to the beat of the music. Varying your speed of abs or lunges or whatever move makes it more fun and the variety keeps it interesting. 

  • Do your own favorite move. If something I'm doing in the video doesn't work for your body, do something else. As long as you are moving you are doing your body good!


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